Welcome Harper Hipps!

A (formerly) little boy I used to play with in preschool had a baby! Congratulations to the parents and welcome to little Harper MacLaren Hipps. I think she's named after Harper Lee, who wrote "To Kill A Mockingbird." Great namesake...

It's always funny how you mentally "freeze" people in time...even though I know perfectly well that Shane (the father) is (and will always be) just a couple years younger than I, in my mind he's still a tow-headed toddler himself. Fortunately for all concerned, the inside of my mind bears no resemblance to reality!

This family has always been so uniquely wonderful to my family. Sheila, the mother of the "little boy," helped my mother deal with some terrible grief in her life that had oppressed her for years. I'll always be grateful for that and for all the good memories of the times we spent together.

Best wishes & best of luck to Harper Hipps and her whole family, who have been our dear friends for so many years.

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