Loopy won a door prize at the Sow's Ear! Yay! Ten balls of Dale Heilo yarn--wow!

She saw on one of her lists, someone who has made a gajillion Dale sweaters said that Sirdal was the easiest/funnest (should be a word). I found a picture of Sirdal...

I love it!!! But, I wanted black instead of white. So, through the magic of Photoshop, I made it the colors I want it to be.

Whaddya think?

Then I started to wonder if we should leave off the ribbon and use black buttons... more New York, less Norwegian... I'm remembering how, when I first came here, it took me a while to get used to the Norwegian sweaters; I thought the buttons and ribbon looked strange at first.

Here's what it might look like, more or less:

More New York? Or just more boring?

I'm seeking opinions. I have no fashion sense or taste whatsoever. In case that's not already obvious.

I'm especially seeking the opinion of those of you who still live in a city (since I hope to return to one eventually!) and of course, people like Ang who may not be New Yorkers but have great taste/style.

Another possibility would be to try to find some Dale ribbon that was a different color--I think I used to have a sweater with black ribbon on it.

Any thoughts?

Compliments on my "mad skills" in Photoshop are also welcome. ;-)

I think it looks great with the black. I like the ribbon better than no ribbon, but think a more subdued ribbon would be better. Good luck with it.
Cool photoshopping. Good taste.

If you drop the ribbons, you might leave silver buttons or something that stands out more than the black. Multicolored black buttons? That way, you keep the vertical line broken up a bit but lose the strict Norweiginess. Can you photoshop a black cuff on the sleeves?

Damn, I want that sweater. :)
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