Why haven't I been posting much lately? I've been putting energy into another online project.

I'll tell you where to find it if you email me at

b i r d f a r m 9 2 g m a i l c o m

(remove the spaces and replace the big spaces with the "at" sign and period respectively)

I like it when one doesn't post for a bit and starts getting "Where are you?!" emails from readers. Makes a girl feel all warm and fuzzy, it does.
Why are all your posts weirdly backdated? These show up in Bloglines like you are posting in 2005.
Don't be content to stay in the primary school just because it is easy.. He went away in inexorable wrath; threatening every practicable visitation of public and private justice upon the head of the offender, whom he accused of having attempted to trick his daughter into an entanglement which should result in his favor.. Having seen myself, I was compelled to see others, properly to understand my relations to them.. Even popularity had its drawbacks. Here the censor had been deceived so successfully that under the mask of an innocent complaint a phantasy was admitted to consciousness which otherwise would have remained in the foreconscious.. Morland, she intends asking some of her friends to meet us, in case we accept the invitation; and therefore is naturally desirous of a reply as soon as possible.. She withdrew her description of the hat, and claimed not to have said that the two side pieces were hanging downwards.. But little recked the widow and less recked the deacon.. .. Head her to that clump of trees on the other side; the bank is lower there, and we can beach her.. And, as we stepped upon the verandah, down came Mrs.. He was untroubled by any sense of wrong; he was simply and unreasoningly satisfied with what he had done.. He will suffer without resentment any imputation cast upon the honor of himself or his loved ones that does not bear with it the consequence of pecuniary loss.. And when it come to fair and square jumping on a dead level, he could get over more ground at one straddle than any animal of his breed you ever see.. She answered, heroically: Perfectly, sir.. I arrived at new conclusions about dreams by the use of a new method of psychological investigation, one which had rendered me good service in the investigation of phobias, obsessions, illusions, and the like, and which, under the name psycho-analysis, had found acceptance by a whole school of investigators.. Elder Brown stirred away the sugar, and let a steady stream of red liquid flow into the glass.. may roam about on the scene, they need not be interfered with; they remain harmless because they are unable to put in motion the motor apparatus which alone can exert a modifying influence upon the outer world.. After a pause, in which the rapid rustling of leaves was heard in the jury-box, Colonel Starbottle declaimed in a pleading, stentorian voice, 'Stay me with --er-- flagons , comfort me with--er--apples--for I am--er--sick of love.. While the dominating system has withdrawn on the wish to sleep, the dream may bring to expression with manifold distortions a wish from the Unc...
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